Quote of the day: “A very tasty world.”

gay ape?

“A very tasty world.” ~ Jon Finch as Jerry Cornelius in THE FINAL PROGRAMME (A.K.A. THE LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH)

I promised I’d write more about this film. Now I have!

But there’s EVEN MORE coming up soon-ish in The New-York Ghost which you can learn all about HERE. And then I’ll probably have even more to say here, especially when I get my mitts on the forthcoming DVD of Robert Fuest’s AND SOON THE DARKNESS.

Hedwig and the angry Finch

6 Responses to “Quote of the day: “A very tasty world.””

  1. Fuest is quite a fascvinating character. Adore the Phibes films and The Final Programme — impossible to not love a film featuring both Jenny Runacre and George Coulouris.

  2. I’m always amazed by Coulouris as an old man because he aged a lot like his character in Kane. Nobody else did, least of all Welles.

    Phibes was the favourite film of Satanist Church leader Anton laVey, who preferred it even to Rosemary’s Baby (which he plays the Devil in).

    Fuest’s Wuthering Heights might actually be the best adaptation of Bronte.

  3. Better than Rivette’s?

    I’ve never seen the Fuest, but I love it’s great Michel Legrand score. Sarah Vaughan did a smashing rendition of the main theme, “I Was Born in Love With You” on her all-Michel album.

  4. Ah, the Rivette Hurlevent comes out here on DVD later this month, so I’ll see it then,

    The Fuest is available on Region 2 and is well worth checking out: amazing credits for an AIP film: LeGrand score, Maurice Binder credits, cinematography by John Coquillon of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid fame, designed by the guy who did Lisztomania

  5. And we’re back once again to “Six Degrees of Fiona Lewis”!

  6. For someone so elusive, she does pop up in all sorts of places.

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