Quote of the Day: Scotsman, Beware!

Garance Macabre 


GARANCE (dreamily): Do you remember, my dear friend, that young Scotsman you provoked to a duel in Edinburgh?

COUNT: Yes, I remember very well — why?

GARANCE: That young man was not nearly as good a shot as you, was he?

COUNT: Of course not! And everybody knew it.

GARANCE: But you killed him all the same.

COUNT: An affair of honour, Garance!

GARANCE: All that, because I smiled at him.

COUNT: Yes, in public, several times.

GARANCE: But I told you that when I was smiling at him I was thinking of someone else.

Count Zero

Screenplay by Jacques Prevert. Directed by Marcel Carné.

I remembered an almost exact repeat of this exchange in Ophüls’ LOLA MONTES, but when I went to look, it WASN’T THERE!

Anybody else have any vanishing movie scenes?


Somebody could make a little movie about the Young Scotsman, and then it could be slotted in between the two halves of LES ENFANTS DU PARADIS and played as a sort of entr’acte. It’s the kind of thing David Thomson could write if he wasn’t so TIRED.

5 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Scotsman, Beware!”

  1. There’s talk of duels that were fought over Lola, but you don’t see any of them. Lola Montes is THE film about media and celebrity. The years have not diminished its seductive power or analytic insight.

  2. Not quite the lofty heights of Max Ophuls but I could have sworn that when I saw James Cameron’s Aliens (oh dear, there goes the blog) a scene was missing from every other version I’ve subsequently watched in the years since. It was less a scene more a parting line though. Slimy company man Paul Reiser makes a cowardly creeping escape from maurauding Giger creatures but is cornered in the elevator. I could swear that when confronted with the inescapable he said with a shrug. “Hey. We can make a deal.” before being sliced and diced.

    I’ll get my coat.

  3. Ophuls is the master of the offscreen duel, I don’t think you see ANY of them. In Madame De… we come close, but he still cuts away. It’s a great lesson in filmmaking.

    I remembered the duel discussion being with her first husband, which would have made sense (“Happy days in Scotland, despite the weather!”) but I haven’t found it in any of his few scenes.

    Don’t be ashamed, Mike, we’ve all seen it! Since Reiser tries to make deals with everybody else, maybe what you heard was a particularly long-distance echo?

  4. david wingrove Says:

    Vanishing movie scenes…I was convinced there was a scene in Belle de Jour where Catherine Deneuve (naked apart from a transparent black veil) wholeheartedly impersonates a corpse, while a dozen or so cats prowl all over her semi-nude body. OK, the scene is there but the cats are not. All we see is the butler opening the door and threatening to “let in the cats”. Luis Bunuel, master of suggestion that he is, shows us a bare minimum and lets our own depraved imagination do the rest. Worked for me, at any rate!

  5. There might be enough for a separate post if I can gather a few more. There’s all the people who thought they saw the baby in Rosemary’s Baby. There’s my friend who thought the worst thing about the ear scene in Resevoir Dogs was “the sound” — there’s no sound. I’ll look into this some more.

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