Quote of the day: “An intellectual carrot? The mind boggles.”

What is William A. Wellman’s secret legume identity? 

Wild Bill 

‘Most motion picture directors are a little screwy. I know that fliers are, and I have been both, so draw your own conclusions. Now, to add to my illness–there goes that horrible word again–the green hornets, and a hatred for inactivity, and it’s a wonder they haven’t rolled the wagon up and put me in a straitjacket, and deposited me in a padded cell. I guess I’m still alright though; I haven’t screamed. I’ve given vent to every other sound you can imagine, but that one I’m holding back until I become a vegetable. What kind of a vegetable? Not a potato or a lettuce or a carrot. An onion, that’s it. That seems to suit me better. Strong to stomach, has a pungent odor, and makes you cry bogus tears.

For years, I have wanted to make a black and white picture in color. Reread that sentence again. Now reread the above paragraph. Now we understand each other.’

~ William A. Wellman, A Short Time for Insanity, an Autobiography.

Track of the Cat

Track of the Cat 2

Track of the Cat 3

Images from Wellman’s TRACK OF THE CAT.


6 Responses to “Quote of the day: “An intellectual carrot? The mind boggles.””

  1. Well, I’ve always said, you’d have to be crazy to be a film director…Wellman joins a pretty daunting list of great kooks–with Stanley Kubrick at or near the top…

  2. Oh, Kubes was pretty functional compared to some. Peckinpah’s substance abuse and pathological jealousy, Powell’s sadism, Coppola’s mania, David O Russell’s anger issues and Sternberg’s need to be despised arguably put them all ahead of him in the twitchiness stakes.

    Only Budd Boetticher seems to have been “sectioned” though.

    Wellman had a steel plate in his head, a fearsome temper, and what looks like an obsessive desire to prove his masculinity…asides from that, dead normal!

  3. I didn’t know about Boetticher–I loved his western cycle of the 50’s. Does his story have a happy ending? I’m a HUGE Peckinpah fan. The scene in “Ride the High Country” when Joel McCrea tells his old partner (who is betraying him) “I want to enter my Father’s house justified…” Brings a tear to the eye just THINKING about it…

  4. “Of all the human beings who have ever lived, not one of them ever had a happy ending.” ~ Dorothy Parker to Sam Goldwyn.

    But Boetticher, who had a breakdown while trying to finish a bullfighting movie with no budget, made a full recovery and can be seen cheerfully being interviewed in a documentary made shortly before his death at the age of eighty-five.

  5. Good on Budd…

    Too bad Spielberg and Michael Bay show every indication of living to a ripe, old age…

  6. Oh, I wouldn’t wish an early death on them.

    Well, maybe Bay.

    No, not really.

    It would be quite interesting if he went crazy though, especially if he carried on working. But then, maybe he has. How would we know?

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