Google Gaga

This post is solely intended to make it easier for people to Google me:

David Cairns Shadowplay film blog Shadow Play movie


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the big gundown

The author prepares to DESTROY HIS ENEMIES.

9 Responses to “Google Gaga”

  1. Harry Potter!


  2. BOOM!



    Oh! Man, that Potter comment had me reeling. :)

  4. You know it’s been 20 years since we met….aside from the hairline….you look THE SAME!

    Stop that…

  5. But you are likewise unchanged. You have a portrait in the attic whereas I just have a bunch of excess body fat filling in the wrinkles.

  6. i think you look more like wolverine than harry potter

  7. Yeah, I was probably aiming for a Lynchian windswept look but it’s turned all Alvin Stardust on me.

  8. wow! look at how stylish you look! Was it the 80ies?

  9. I’m on top of Calton Hill — my hair was going back and forth at 80mph!

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