Quote of the Day: One thing or two?


The Amazing Adventures of Morpheus

Larry Fishburn: “It is designed to do just one thing: Seek And Destroy.”

Me: “That’s TWO things!”

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day: One thing or two?”

  1. Well, it sort of works in set theory…

    We’ll define set A (for “actions”) to consist of two words: “seek”, “destroy”. So that:

    A = {“seek”, “destroy”}

    The size of A is:

    |A| = 2

    But A itself can be a single element in another set B:

    B = {A, “seek”, “destroy”}

    And so |B| = 3

    Therefore we can say that A, being a set of actions which something is designed to do, is itself singular.

    This kind of grouping makes sense, because the actions “seek” and “destroy” themselves consist of a lot of sub-actions. For example, destroying would entail checking whether you have bullets, a whole lot of warfare tactics, aiming algorithms, etc. Yet we encapsulate those sub-actions in sets and call these sets “seek” and “destroy”.

    Therefore it makes sense that we mentally encapsulate these two related action sets as one and the name we give it “seek and destroy”. Which is the set A from earlier.

    And we’ve already shown that set A is singular.

    Therefore the sentinels are designed to do just one thing: “seek and destroy” :P

  2. Outsmarted again! Curse those Wachowskis! (Shakes fist)

  3. Now they’re doing Speed Racer with the yummy Emile Hirsch.

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