Quote of the Day: Profiler

‘Like Stanislavsky and Brecht, I’ve invented an entirely new method of acting, I call it the enantiodromic approach. The theory of enantiodromia is that the left and right sides of your face represent different personalities. If you’re clever with mirrors you’ll see what I mean. My right side, for instance, is that of an inept housewife and the left side — or “facet” as we call it — is that of a spanking squire!’ ~ Ken Campbell, Pigspurt.


But NO! Because, THIS, from Lionel Atwill:

‘See, one side of my face is gentle and kind, incapable of anything but love of my fellow man.


‘The other profile is cruel and predatory and evil, incapable of anything but lusts and dark passions. It all depends which side of my face is turned towards you — or the camera.’

Wait, I'm confused, is this his GOOD side?

Ken Campbell is a genius and antic visionary, but seeing as Atwill died in 1946, I’m pretty sure he came up with this concept first.

I’ve also heard that the artists of the late lamented Jim Henson’s late lamented Creature Workshop always sculpted their monsters a little lopsided, so that you’d get a better variety of expression when they moved their face motors than you do with, say, Tom Cruise. (Thanks to Comrade K for pointing out the connection between Scientology and animatronics).

6 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Profiler”

  1. I agree about Tom Cruise’s lack of expression but I for one spend all of any film I see him in staring at his otherwise-perfect but nevertheless lop-sided front teeth.

    I have a scar on one side of my lip since age five which has mostly been unnoticeable, but now 20-odd years later it has suddenly made my gob expressive. One side of my face has a cruel pout. I like it!

  2. The Cruiser doesn’t have expressions, but he does have “expressions”, such as his “smile” and his “puzzled frown”.

    I like the sound of your scar-sneer! Makes me think of the model in Peeping Tom.

    Emo Phillips filled in a magazine questionaire and was asked “What is the most overrated virtue?” and he replied “Facial symmetry.”

    And he’s RIGHT!

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