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bang! i'm joan crawford!

The latest edition feature a lengthy piece by myself on the subject of POSSESSED, a demented 1940s “womens’ picture” starring Joan Crawford. I urge you to grab the Ghost’s coat-tails as it soars overhead like the parachuting revellers from DeMille’s MADAME SATAN and hitch a ride on its glorious phantom rumble-seat.

Here is an brief extraction to whet appetites:

Possessed (dir. Curtis Bernhardt, starring

Joan Crawford) takes a long sultry look at

the hot topic of what the movie medicos

call ‘skizzo-phrenia’, an affliction

prevalent among frustrated career women.

There’s a perhaps unintended

encapsulation of the experience of the

mentally unorthodox right at the start as

Joan C wanders, with a broken walk, the

streets of L.A., which are dotted with such

things as a BRACK SHOP and another

establishment decorated with a sign which


nodded at this skilled evocation of the

world glimpsed through the eyes of the

psychically confused.

Experience Joan in all her dementia through Cairns-tinted glasses by subscribing to The Ghost With The Most. You know it makes sense.


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