Quote of the Day: Beat Architecture

eat to the beat 

‘I call it City 2000. Crime, filth, poverty, hustle and bustle — these things would be unknown. An almost silent place. Soundproofed with the use of flying bevelled walls of concrete, which also serve to cut wind and rain. Jennifer says it’ll be like living in a tin can, but, eh… I don’t think that’s really true. You know, psychologists think that most human neuroses come from too much contact with other humans. Now, in my city, a man can be as alone as if he were ten thousand miles from anywhere in the country…’

~ David Farrar in BEAT GIRL

beat it

Script by Dail Ambler, directed by Edmond T. Greville.

Farrar is always Mister Commonsense (which is why it’s more interesting to see him be neurotic and angsty in THE SMALL BACK ROOM) even when straddling a donkey the size of Deep Roy (which he does, in BLACK NARCISSUS). So he makes a compelling case for this le Corbusier-derived hellhole. If he’d puffed thoughtfully on a pipe at the same time, I’d be ready to buy a lease right away.

“Delta City: The Future Is NOW.” ~ ROBOCOP.

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