Take Care of Your Scarf

Scarf Face 

Yesterday one of my students, Alex, approached, back from the hols, a scarf wound around his lower face, like Malcolm McDowell in IF… unwrapping it at last to reveal: a New Moustache, like Malcolm McDowell in IF…

As cinematic homages go, this might actually give Todd Haynes a run for his money. I think Alex has effectively already passed the year for that. As long as he doesn’t follow it up by savagely machine-gunning me to death, like Malcolm McDowell in IF…

5 Responses to “Take Care of Your Scarf”

  1. Alex is a cheeky chappie!

  2. if we are talking about cinematic homages then your imitation of marion from raiders of the lost ark in the entry about monkeys will take some beating

    (i am sorry if doesn’t work)

  3. Ah, Karen Allen! Wonder what she’s up to — OMG, she’s in the new Indiana Jones. She was the only good Indi girl they ever had.

    Too bad Spielberg has lost all sense of story.

  4. my girlfriend maintains that kate capshaw as willie scott is the best indiana jones girl because she does such a great job of playing shrill and annoying. i can’t agree with this – she is so annoying that it breaks the fourth wall and you come to regard her not only as a bad actress, but as a bad human being. spielberg seems to have fallen into the elephant trap of thinking that a good film and a weighty film are the same thing. i think it happened around the time he married that bad human being

  5. There’s a trap for directors who direct people they love: since they find everything about their partner adorable, they assume the audience will too. Capshaw is capable of being OK in other stuff, but she’s really bad in IJATTOD, and also in Spielberg’s Amazing Stories episode that she’s in.

    Worryingly, Spielberg’s “entertainments” now tend to suffer from the same bloated quality as his “weighty” films.

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