Those lips, those eyes, that septum!

After blogging recently about how cinematographer Seamus McGarvey inherited Nicole Kidman’s nose from THE HOURS (he had so much trouble lighting it she felt it was the least she could do), I started thinking which celebrity facial features *I* would like to own.

This is the way my mind works, get used to it.


First off, I thought it would be great to get my hands on Stefania Sandrelli’s chin. But I wouldn’t leave it to gather dust on my mantelpiece, no no. I would attach it to my face with an elastic band and wear it on outings. My fashion sense is strictly slacker-Columbo, but with Sandrelli’s delicately cleft chin adorning my pasty visage I would be chic at all times. A man could really be a man in a chin like that.

The chin for me, definitely.

What else? I toyed with Vic Morrow’s ears, but ultimately cast them aside. Too serious. The shadow of John Astin’s Gomez Addams moustache passed across my mind, but I brushed it away. I couldn’t afford the upkeep. For a reckless moment I seized upon Gene Tierney’s teeth (wonky but adorable, unlike my own mouthful of smashed crockery), but the E.A. Poe scenario involved in actually acquiring them was off-putting so I reluctantly let them drop.

No, what I really want for Christmas, the thing that would make my life complete, is the ENTIRE FACE of Laird Cregar.

(The multi-layered Laird is a 40s character star who obsesses me to a near-sexual degree, so expect more on him soon.)

With a face like that I could — dare I say it? — rule the world!

Or at least frighten the cat. And since, like horror maestro Dario Argento (below), I am regularly attacked by my own housepet, that would be useful enough.

Dario Argento's face: I don't want any part of it.

7 Responses to “Those lips, those eyes, that septum!”

  1. Why settle for the chin alone? Her entire body is a thing of wonder as evidenced in Divorce Italian-Style, Seduced and Abandoned and Partner.

  2. As evidenced by nearly every still of her online. Had to trawl through pages and pages to find any images where the wunderchin wasn’t being upstaged by, er, other attributes.
    But there’s the question of practicality. I could WEAR her chin. What could I possibly do with her entire body?

  3. ~~~ waving from across the links – glad to see you have joined the blogging world.

    Frida the cat is sleeping on the monitor as I write.

  4. Aw! Just like the opening shot of The Gleaners and I!

    Shall we add each other to our respective blogrolls? Your blog looks real useful, something my students should check out. Dig the Herzog quote too.

  5. This body part scrabble is getting out of hand.

  6. yes love the Herzog quote it was a real kick in the pants for me! Will fiddle with my template and add you.

  7. […] the post-cinematic career of Nicole Kidman’s nose, waxed lyrical on the possibilities of Stefania Sandrelli’s chin, and worried as to the possible whereabouts of Charlotte Gainsbourg’s […]

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