“The worst Steadicam ever.”

Elton John video “I Want Love” shot by Seamus McGarvey, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood, starring Robert Downey Jnr.

And of course it’s not Steadicam at all, it’s straight handheld, brilliantly done. And I think the subtle shakiness adds to the beauty, as does Downey’s eerie unblinking performance, with his lips failing to really move on the word “love”…

And am I crazy or is it actually quite a nice song?

Anyhow, an inflatable helium-filled lighting unit, and lots of electricians grabbing lights and running out of shot with them as RD Jnr wanders a deserted L.A. mansion on a brief outing from prison. Enjoy!

2 Responses to ““The worst Steadicam ever.””

  1. I really like Robert Downey, it might be because he seems to be having trouble holding it together ALL the time, but he makes odd choices. He doesn’t NEED to, but he does. It’s not as if his life wouldn’t have been absolutely fantastic if he’d decided to do every dumb film that his Agent said to do, but he didn’t….odd, off kilter, interesting.

    Can’t f@ckin WAIT for Iron Man by the way. Hoo YEA!

  2. Well, re dumb films: “I would rather wake up in prison and have an AIDS test than wake up outside and have to go to the set of U.S. MARSHALS.” or words to that effect.

    IRON MAN might be good, it’s at least an offbeat star/director. Just heard about WOLVERINE, which is an obvious solution to the problem of the X-MEN cast growing too expensive for a single movie.

    But I try not to raise my fanboy hopes too high about these films, it’s pretty rare that they work!

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