Here’s One We Made Earlier

This is a short I co-wrote, with the esteemed Colin McLaren, and directed in 2001. Won some awards and briefly lead to some employment. It was an attempt at making a film with a message while mercilessly debunking the message as much as possible. A plea for tolerance that champions the cause of clowns everywhere, while simultaneously managing to suggest that every stereotype about them is completely true.


5 Responses to “Here’s One We Made Earlier”

  1. Cry BOBO and let slip the Clowns of War!

    Is this the Directors Cut?

  2. No, the long version only exists on timecoded VHS without sound FX or grading or anything. I might burn to DVD and stick on youtube one day, but I’d rather have strangers seeing the polished-but-truncated version.

    Say, when I click on your name it takes me to your site! That’s clever.

  3. So, you’re saying I don’t own the ‘Director’s Cut’ either? The one with gratuitous clown gangbang rape? Disappointment.

  4. How brilliant to see this again! Here’s the review I wrote after its BBC 2 screening:

  5. Thanks, MJ! I remember the review fondly!

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