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Gargan Hunter

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THE ARGYLE SECRETS, over at The Notebook, forms this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten. With a gratuitous tip of the hat to the late James Garner.

At The Chiseler, more Blogneys! What are Blogneys? Go here.


A Day Late

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I am SO disorganized right now. Thus I posted about Italian compendium films yesterday when I should have been linking to The Forgotten, and I totally forgot to have an intertitle on Sunday. That’s what comes of attending two film festivals back to back, I guess.

Anyhow, here is The Forgotten, inspired by a couple of screenings at EIFF, and meeting the delightful Jack Gold, whose saucy screen credit appears above.

Only Connect

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COHERENCE, a nifty sci-fi thriller screening at Edinburgh, is reviewed by me over at Electric Sheep. Here.

And then we have this week’s edition of The Forgotten, culled from Edinburgh’s astonishing Dominik Graf retrospective, and dealing with the corruscating eighties thriller DIE KATZE (pictured). Here.


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