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Iran All the Way

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It’s Throwback Thursday as The Forgotten harkens back to June’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and its retrospective of movies from Iran before the revolution — that brief glimmering between the birth of cinema in that country and its descent into theocracy.

This comes, ironically, just as Chris Fujiwara announces that he’s leaving his position as director of the festival, after a stint in which he reinvigorated an event that was pretty much on the rocks. He will be missed — but he leaves us with an EIFF in great shape.

Miss Clever-Clogs

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German movie serial time, over at The Forgotten. Oh yeah. It’s getting to where you have a very satisfying cinematic life just watching stuff from a hundred years ago. I’m not sure that was true last year. How we’ve progressed!


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A German emigré’s French film forms the substance of this fortnight’s Forgotten, over at The Notebook. And I find an amorphous allegory for the plight of Bernard Natan.

Kurt/Curtis Bernhardt directed the film which began Shadowplay, and is still a subject for further research.


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