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pertkOver at The Chiseler, perennial pre-code Paramount paramour Pert Kelton gives us the thermometer, in a piece co-authored with Daniel Riccuito.


Percy’s Progress

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As promised, some more on character player/atrocity Percy Helton, at The Chiseler.

Contrary to appearances, I do like Percy H. I always perk up when his shiny bulb hoves into view.

Remember, there’s Pert Kelton and Percy Helton and never the twain shall meet.

Methot-heads and Bacall Girls

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Over at The Chiseler, Phoebe “La Faustin” Green and I examine the persona of an actress so archetypally pre-code in her hard-bitten appeal that it’s impossible to believe she hasn’t been “chiselled” before. The first Mrs. Bogart, Mayo Methot.

A stray thought I forgot to include — I can visualize a Darwinian chart of pre-code women, featuring, instead of Neanderthal, Cro-magnon and Homo sapiens, a line up with Methot on the left, Una Merkel in the middle and Pert Kelton at the right, walking erect. But that’s just me.


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