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A German emigré’s French film forms the substance of this fortnight’s Forgotten, over at The Notebook. And I find an amorphous allegory for the plight of Bernard Natan.

Kurt/Curtis Bernhardt directed the film which began Shadowplay, and is still a subject for further research.

Radio Star

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Today I’m interviewed live on Regent Radio (link) at 2pm Toronto time. I’ll be talking about my film, NATAN, and hopefully encouraging people to come and see it.

Of course, Bernard Natan, restless entrepreneur that he was, got involved in radio, but I confess I don’t know very much about that aspect of his business. Even his TV company, the first in France, is little-discussed. Biographies of John Logie Baird, who supplied the technical knowledge, barely mention Baird-Natan. Mysterieux.

The Monday Intertitle: Intro

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“Let us always remember that the country, our home, is born from the heart of a woman, her tenderness and tears, the blood which she shed for us.”

Intertitle from LA MERVEILLEUSE VIE DE JEANNE D’ARC, directed by Marco de Gastyne, produced by Bernard Natan.

Thanks to Emory University film professor Charles David for introducing NATAN, the documentary by Paul Duane & myself, at the Atlanta Jewish Film festival, and to Brandon of the excellent Deeper Into Movies for recording most of it — you can, as a result, have a listen here.


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